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Local Sensual Massage

Valentine’s Day is upon us, so what do you give the love of your life? Besides the usual candies and flowers, a way to express your love and affection can come in the form of sensual massage.

Ah, do not be alarmed. This is not a how-to-do a “happy ending” manual. If you are in the arms of your love, that occurs organically.

Massage is an excellent way to demonstrate your love for your partner. A soothing, generous touch is always welcome. Done with intention, the massage can lead to a natural progression of copulating. If seduction is secondary, massage is a wonderful way to express love and care for your partner and to reestablish intimacy that can sometimes be lost in the flurry of work, kids, and other distractions.

Sensual massage is done with deliberation, slowly and with generous amounts of massage oil. The key is slow, gentle, long strokes along the major muscles of the body. This is not a deep tissue massage, which may cause pain to the person, or with the purpose of working out knots. The purpose is to soothe, relax, and entice.

Here are a few points to help you make the most of your massage.

1. Ambiance

The massage can take place on the bed, a mat, or on a blanket on the floor. If you have a massage table, great, but it’s not necessary.

Turn off the phone and turn on the romantic music. This is the time to set the scene for love. suggests making sure the temperature in the room is around 80 degrees and to keep the pets and children at bay.

Set up the area with some romantic touches. Light some candles, sprinkle flower petals on the massage surface and perhaps set aside some sparkling wine and strawberries.

Another suggestion is to draw a warm bath and soak together (if room). If not, spoil your sweetheart and offer to wash his/her hair. This gives you an opportunity to give your love a gentle scalp and neck massage.

2. Tools of the trade

Your hands and some massage oil are all you need. No need for expensive oils if you prefer not to spend the money. Run out to the kitchen and grab a jar of coconut oil and a spoon. Coconut oil is excellent for the skin. It smells good and the glide is fantastic. The oil is a solid but will quickly melt in your hands.

If you prefer, heat the oil up in the microwave or a couple seconds and set it aside. Make sure that it isn’t too hot by testing it on the inside of your wrist. It isn’t necessary to preheat the oil as the use of friction and body heat will facilitate the melting of the oil.

If you want to add some scent, A World of Aromatherapy suggests this combination:

4 oz of oil

15 drops of Rose essential oil

15 drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil

10 drops of Jasmine essential oil

You can find essential oils at your local health food store.

3. Get your partner ready.

Naked is best for massage, but February can mean cold nights. Have a large towel or sheet nearby to drape over the body that you are not massaging. This will help keep your partner warm during the massage.

One trick that can aid in keeping your partner comfortable is to have him/her use a pillow when face down and roll a bath towel as a make-shift bolster to tuck under the ankles. This will reduce straining of the lower back. When your partner is face up, use the bath towel as a neck roll to comfort the neck.

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