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Seattle Sensual Massage

I offer special encouragement to women to visit me; too often we neglect our erotic life. We are doing so much for other people, that we sometimes rarely have time for ourselves. Or we believe that our erotic fulfillment is simply not important.

Have you ever had the opportunity to truly be erotically selfish? Have you ever experienced being sensually catered to without any notions of reciprocity? Have you experienced the intense pleasure to be found when the Goddess Spot is deliberately aroused? Have you experienced the deep relaxation in a Yoni massage? Have you ever been seen as the truly amazing Goddess that you are? I offer you a soothing & sensual massage, and I encourage you to revel in pleasure. Being selfish can be good for you!

If you like to spend time rejuvenating at the spa, or getting your nails done, think of a session with me as the ultimate in self-pampering treatment!

Imagine being greeted at the door with an enveloping full-body hug, feeling tension you didn't even know you had start to melt away. Imagine drinking relaxing tea while your feet are slowly & sensually cleansed & massaged. Imagine being reverently disrobed. Imagine heated massage cream being slowly stroked down your back while lying on a heated table. Imagine being slowly & lovingly caressed everywhere and finding out just how many erogenous zones you have.

Come to me & make imagination into reality.

At the core of all my work is the breath. Breathing is something we rarely do consciously, and yet breathing is perhaps the single most important factor in keeping ourselves alive and functioning. Alter the breath, and you alter the consciousness, and/or what the body is capable of. Singers, athletes, yogis, and wind-instrument musicians are just a few examples of people who've gained conscious control of their breathing, in support of making their bodies better able to perform particular functions. Conscious breathwork is the key to all of the work we'll do together. The more consciously you breathe in our sessions, the more sensations you will feel, and the greater an effect my touch will have on you.

Because women still make less than men for doing the same job, I offer discounted rates to women.

Session Descriptions

Within certain parameters, my sessions are tailored to your needs, desires, and experience. Please click on the session name to see the description. Clicking again will hide the description.

Yoni Massage–minimum: 1.5hrs

I start by ritualistically & sensually cleansing & massaging your feet while you sip relaxing tea. You then lay back on the massage table while I lovingly & slowly stroke & caress your entire body from head to toe, taking the time to release any knots of tension. Once you are fully relaxed I massage the outer Yoni, the "sacred cave", the erotic center of a woman. We rarely have our Yoni massaged in the same manner as the rest of our body, yet we have muscles & flesh there that longs for relaxing & nourishing touch.

Goddess Spot Massage–minimum: 1.5hrs

There is a lot of misunderstanding & myth involved in Goddess Spot Massage. It can be a wonderful addition to lovemaking, it can be a wonderful way to get more acquainted with the power of the female body. In this session, I help you to find out whether Goddess Spot Massage is pleasurable for you, and you have the time necessary to reach your peak, experiencing the different ways that the female body can express fulfillment. I have had great success with locating the Goddess Spot on individual women.

Taboo & Transcendence–minimum: 1.5hrs

If you are anxious that your curiousity about the "sharper pleasures" may be read the wrong way by the men in your life, here is an opportunity to experience the joy of surrender & of submission in a safe & honoring space. It can also be an opportunity to experience the ways pleasure can be used as "exquisite torture". This session uses impact sensation, bondage, and/or sensory deprivation to reach profound states of spiritual ecstasy & erotic trance. You'll be greeted at the door with a warm hug & lovingly divested of your clothes. After your shower you'll be enveloped in a warm robe & blindfolded, and start some deep breathing exercises. What happens next depends on your desires, and my interests & experience.

If you are interested in the sacred aspects of performing body or foot worship, this can also be worked seamlessly into this session.

Rosebud Rapture–minimum: 1.5hrs

The Rosebud is one of the most innervated areas of the body, and I invite you to indulge in the delicious sensations and deep feeling of relaxation that soley external touch can induce. For those new to or fearful of anal eroticism, the absence of penetration allows for a safe exploration of the immense pleasure to be found in that area. (Internal anal play can be included if requested prior to the session.)

Glorious Goddess–minimum: 1.5hrs

This session is for you, if you want to learn what it means to pleasure another woman, to caress a body that is similar yet very different than your own. You've read the books, you've gone to the Good Vibes workshop, now you want to put your theory into practice with an experienced guide, one that won't judge any fumblings, one that can give you honest feedback without judgement, one that show you things that maybe weren't in those books. I will guide you through Yoni massage and/or Goddess Spot Massage.

Circular Contemplation–minimum: 2hrs

In this session, the emphasis is on circulating erotic energy between us. Using Tantric yin/yang breathing, chakra alignment, eye gazing, and deliberate hand placement, we breathe each other's essence into our bodies, while uniting our energies into a flowing aethereal circle.

Ambrosial Abandon–add 1 or more hours to any session

Extend any session to include time for a conversation and shared meal for $75 per each additional hour. For sessions at my Temple, I provide light refreshments designed to be eaten with the fingers and for mutual feeding (please inform me of any dietary restrictions or allergies). If you prefer, you can provide pre- and/or post-session nourishment at a nearby establishment of your choice.

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90 minutes
2 hours
3 hours
Each additional hour $100
For details on overnight appointments, please contact me
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NEW YORK MANHATTAN VLOG #4 (Şeker Dükkanı, Brooklyn ...
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