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The unique underbody massage strokes can be performed because the Lomi Lomi massage is done on a massage table with no top or bottom sheets. Normally you are draped with a small towel just to cover the genitals which were considered sacred in Hawaii. While face up women are customarily offered breast covering, however, in traditional Lomi Lomi no breast covering is used. While the breasts are not massaged, the sternum (between the breasts) is massaged along with the entire side of the body. Some of these techniques cannot be performed with breast draping. While face down the buttocks is usually minimally covered at least to ensure the genitals are covered. This minimal draping enables the therapist to slide his or her hands and arms under and around your body using massage techniques unique to this form of therapy. In Europe the massage is sometimes performed totally nude, without draping. While this might seem to make sense to a client comfortable with nudity, it is contrary to traditional Hawaiian principles.

Honoring the body in a sensual massage
Receiving a Lomi Lomi massage was considered a great honor in ancient Hawaii. The treatment was performed for centuries in Hawaiian temples as a rite of passage

and renewing ritual. A young man or young woman receiving a Lomi Lomi would often have a vision or intuitive feeling as to what their place in the community would be. Today’s practitioners still recognize and respect the sacredness of this treatment. The client is treated with great honor and is considered a sacred body on an altar by the therapist. While the full body strokes and embracing techniques can make this massage a very sensual experience for the client, the therapist is always viewing the client through this sacred lens thus allowing the client the freedom to relax and embrace their feelings without judgment by the therapist.

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