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Full body Massage Videos

In this series of video Emmy, a retired massage therapist will show you how to give a great massage to your friends, loved one or partner.

Different videos in this series will focus on different body parts such as the upper back, lower back, arms, legs, thighs, foot, hands and face. Also, different types of massage techniques will be demonstrated such as Swedish massage, Sports massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hydrotherapy, Thai Massage, etc.

Hi guys, I’m Emmy. I’m going to show you how to do a good lower back massage. That’s right, all of us have problems witH our lower back, so feel free to grab a partner right now and do exactly what I’m doing to them and I’m sure they’ll love you for it.

SO let’s get started. I’ll show you the lower back. Ok so know we’re going to work on the lower back. Lots of pain in here which is what we call our SI joint. And also lots of runners and stuff, the top of your butt muscle is probably the most tense and it will tend to pull on your lower back muscle.

We’re going to get from here, your lumbar area which is your lower back which is very painful, and then up into the top of the gluteus medius, so, we’re going to go down in here. Again, I’m going to work just one side at a time, so you can actually start at the top of the spine with both of your thumbs.

You’re going to follow one side all the way down.

And once you hit that little pocket, that little spot, you’re going to go over to the side and down. Do that again a couple of times.

Remember we are going along the spine here, not on the spine. Just to the right. Here’s the spine. There’s my thumb. So you’re going right where that muscle just meets the spine and get right in between there. I can actually feel some knots up in there.

Are you sore in there at all? CLIENT: Yeah. EMMY: (whispers) Most people are.

So now I’m going to follow from where her ribs start to right about here, so it’s going to be like the middle of the back and work on that muscle right there. Just this muscle right here. This backstrap. I just have both of my hands on either side of the frame and I’m just using my thumbs again to do this and push down.

We’re also pushing in along the side as well while we do that so it’s one continuous motion.

And if you take your thumbs and you go right down into that, there’s points right there, I promise your partner will like it. It feels good. It hurts but it feels good, but that’s where a lot of back pain is.

SO also, this muscle tends to stay really tight, so what you can do is you can actually follow your hand down to where the ribs end, and you’re going to go up and into the muscle. Make sure your fingers are facing this direction and not this direction. You don’t want to hit a kidney. You want to get a muscle. It does feel a little weird. To muscle it doesn’t really get worked on that much. You can come around and come into the muscle. It doesn’t need a lot of massaging in circles or anything, just nice little light push on it, and then down the side.

This is actually helping you relax the muscle that is down underneath those erector spinaes is what they’re called, but there is a big muscle underneath which is your lumbar muscle and that’s actually getting deep into there.

So once you’re getting lower down into the back again you can start using that thumb massage.

Go down to the top of the gluteus medius again. Push into that spot.

We’re going to do the same thing on the other side.

Start one side of the spine using your thumbs, coming down into that little pocket there that’s so painful, but this will help it.

Especially if you are a woman and you wear high heels all day. You want your husband to give you a massage and help your lower back go away, you just show him this video and tell him to do exactly what I’m doing and you’ll be good in no time.

Right into there. Again, massaging just that muscle right there. Getting it.

Then once that’s loosened up a little bit and you’re able to get into that deeper muscle, come around and into it. We’ll work on this.

These muscles at the top of your butt, the gluteus medius, they’ll actually connect and pull on your back muscles, so you want to make sure you get those loosened up as well. And, of course, the best part is when you do both sides at the same time at the very end. Make sure to get that point right down there at the base of the spine.

And that’s the lower back.

Alright you guys, thanks for watching the video and that was the lower back. We’re going to get into the good stuff now, the legs and of course the feet after a long day’s work, that’s a good foot rub I’m going to show you how to give, so grab your partner and stick around and I’m going to show you how to do that.

Thanks for watching this video. Please make sure to rate it two thumbs up if you liked it. Also feel free to leave comments or any questions you have for me, and subscribe to the Psyche Truth Channel so you can watch the legs and the feet coming up.

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