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Mark wasn't surprised that his name was among the millions leaked online this week following the massive cyber intrusion into adultery website Ashley Madison.

After all, the Alabama man who asked not to use his real name had signed up and posted a profile on the site. His story, however, is a cautionary tale of the ramifications that even casual visits to such a site can have and the lasting impact of the smallest cyber flirtations.

Mark said he signed up on Ashley Madison for free and didn't share a whole lot of information in his online profile.

"It was pretty plain vanilla, " he said.

That was all it took.

"Immediately, I was bombarded with "matches". Of course, you had to pay to contact these people which I didn't do, " Mark said.

Ashley Madison allows users to sign up for free and see profiles of local members, with information ranging from the type of relationship the person is looking for ("whatever excites me" or "cyber affair" are some of the options.) The site also highlights selected members that live in the area you indicate on your profile. Free members can't initiate chats or emails but they can receive and respond to messages; sending initial emails to contacts will cost you credits purchased through Ashley Madison – 100 credits are $49, 500 are $149.

For $259 Ashley Madison will guarantee you will have an affair within three months with someone who meets all your qualifications.

Mark said he was suspicious of the site's "matches" from the moment he began receiving them.

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"Always got a pretty good laugh from the likes on a lot of the profiles, " he said. "Amazingly, most of them were into romantic walks on the beach, sensual massage and wine tastings. Not proud of it, but in my shameful experience with infidelity, you don't have a whole lot of time to go on moonlight walks at the Gulf, give a luxurious sensual massage or go to a wine tasting. That set off my crap detector immediately.

"Also, most of the suggested women lived a healthy drive from my area averaging two hours or more."

Mark said he never made any connections with the women he saw on Ashley Madison.

"I suspect that a lot of the matches were some probably prostitution services that paid to be there. I suspected this because most of those women were much younger than the ages I specified in the limited info I shared, " he said.

There were other ramifications to Mark's dabbling on the site.

"It seemed like a conduit for porn spam which takes forever to get rid of. But ironically, once I was "outed", the porn spam stopped but the regular, get-rich-quick scam spam ramped into overdrive, " he said.

Mark said he eventually quit checking his Ashley Madison email, though he said he "obviously didn't go back and delete" his profile. He said he has never denied he used the site and addressed the matter with his family a year prior to the hack.

He wasn't surprised to see his profile name and address on the Ashley Madison list but disputes the $300 the website said he spent.

"Despite my obvious lack of credibility, I can confidently and honestly say that I did not spend any money on the site and certainly wouldn't have spent $300 as indicated, " he said. "You don't need to spend $300 on line trying to have sex. There are quicker ways."

Was his time on Ashley Madison worth it?

"Hell no!" Mark said. "But it did further solidify my belief that the Internet is basically a collection of neighborhoods. Some good. Some bad. And if you go to a bad neighborhood, bad stuff will happen."

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