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Sensual Massage Therapy techniques

Massage is a great way to relieve tension, improve blood circulation, move energy around the body and sexually arouse your lover! Massage is also a mutually satisfying way of helping couples exhibit intimacy for one another. Ours is a culture starved for touch, and massage is a quick, easy means to feed this hunger. "Easy?" You may be asking yourself. Well, you don’t need to be a certified massage therapist to give a great Tantric massage. The most important component of a great massage is the desire to please your lover. So, here are some suggestions.

For starters, set the mood for a romantic environment by dimming the lights, burning some candles and incense, playing your lover’s favorite relaxing music and warming the room so that both of you will be comfortable. I know pretty soon you’ll be making enough heat of your own, but it’s always best to start at a temperature in which you are both comfortable especially since you should both be naked.

You can use scented mineral oil, massage oil or essential oils, or edible massage creams, lotions or powder. The choice is yours, but for the sake of this Tantric massage, I’ll assume you are using some kind of oil.

Begin with the Back Side
About two tablespoons of oil should be enough to start with. Pour the oil into your hands first and then rub
your hands together so that they will be nice and warm to the touch. Then place your hands on your lover’s
lower back and let your hands glide up your lovers back all the way up to the neck, around the shoulders and back down, over the buttocks and the Rosebud.

The Hand Slide
Now that you’ve got the oil on your lover’s back, begin with your hands parallel to each other and slide them
down each side of the spine, massaging all the way down to the lower back and over the buttocks. Move your
hands up all the way to the neck, over the shoulders and down the arms to the fingertips. Repeat this motion
at least six times. As you do this, ask your lover for feedback. If he/she is not the talkative type, then just
know that it’s better to make the massage too soft than too strong. Remember, it’s all about giving as much

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