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Body Sensual Massage

All of our faculty are trained and skilled in teaching a variety of ways for people to get in contact with their erotic and spiritual nature. This training includes erotic touch, sensual massage, erotic massage, taoist erotic massage, breathwork, tantra, yoga, dance, life coaching and more.

Dave Allen
is a life coach and a body coach. He believes his life work is to assist men to find success, fulfillment and the ability to live connected, rich, powerful and pleasurable lives, with a special emphasis on their erotic lives. As a coach, mentor, trainer and workshop facilitator, he honors his beliefs and his values of curiosity, practice, connection, eroticism and synergy in his work. Dave’s inspiration comes from many traditions including power dynamics, mysticism, Tantra, various spiritual paths including Christianity and Native American spirituality.,

John Ballew
is a licensed professional counselor and a massage therapist in private practice in Atlanta. He has an MS in Clinical Psychology and is a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. He facilitates workshops in gay spirituality throughout North America, emphasizing the connection between body and soul. His work embraces both Eastern spiritual practices and a sex-positive Christian tradition. See

Collin Brown
is a teacher, life coach and spiritual counselor who has developed and facilitated experiential learning courses for 30 years. A graduate of Harvard College, he served as the director of The Body Electric School for 15 years and created the Wildwood Conservation Foundation in 1999, which owns and operates the Wildwood Retreat Center. His private practice, based in Port Townsend, WA, includes clients from around the globe. See

Michael Cohen, Emeritus
works as a personal life coach and as a gestalt psychotherapist in New York City. A Body Electric-trained Sacred Intimate, his interests also include exploring the healing power of play and helping people create meaningful lives. See

Craig Cullinane
is trained as a Sacred Intimate and a massage therapist and has been involved with The Body Electric School for more than 10 years. He is also a social justice and diversity trainer and advocate. Craig works in the New York State prison system bringing theater, dance, music, creative writing and other arts to prisoners.

Emaya Dillon
is an erotic educator, Sacred Intimate, and psychotherapist. She has been on faculty for Body Electric since 1998, and has produced and taught independent workshops nationally.

Mark Fleming
weaves tantric principles, energy/somatic work, and shamanic practices together to facilitate wellness in body, mind and spirit. He has worked in the fields of sexuality, spirituality and health for 20 years. He is very grateful to Rudolph Ballentine, his tantra teacher.

Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.
is an American somatic sexologist, erotic educator, and filmmaker. In response to the AIDS epidemic, he became the foremost teacher of erotic bodywork in the world. In 1984 he founded The Body Electric School. He choreographed many of the school’s courses such as Celebrating the Body Erotic and The Dear Love of Comrades. He brought the Big Draw into the Body Electric work.

For more than 30 years, Joseph has invited individuals committed to erotic liberation into communities of service. Joseph founded the somatic professions of Sexological Bodywork ( and Sacred Intimacy, and developed worldwide trainings for these professions. He will be teaching for The Body Electric School for the first time in 23 years in 2016.

Joseph has created over 100 sex education films, most of which are available at his online schools: and

Andrew Lawler

is a writer and teacher who has been involved with Body Electric for more than a decade. An alumnus of Rudy Ballentine’s Tantra teacher training course, he has organized and taught workshops in the Northeast. He also maintains a sacred intimate practice.

Selah Martha, MA
served as the Director of Body Electric Women’s programs for 10 years, where she developed and instructed pioneering curriculum. She is the author of Circle Work: Intuitive Technology, a process that uses group energy to evolve consciousness. A Kundalini Yoga instructor, she loves the balance between subtle embodiment and unfolding spiritual awareness.

William McMeniman
is a massage therapist and Sacred Intimate with a private practice in the greater Boston area. He has a background in mental health, education and breathwork. He seeks to integrate the ecstatic path into everyday life through his teaching.

Pavini Moray, M.Ed, CSB
is a queer, genderqueer Somatic Sex Therapist, Sexological Bodyworker and community-based Sex Educator from San Francisco. Pavini is completely devoted to facilitating glittering pleasure revolutions, and helping folks struggling with sex and intimacy to embody their erotic potential. Pe has a tender spot for survivors of sexual and queer trauma, and the powerful resiliency that can result from healing. Pavini is also a sex blogger and erotic filmmaker, and recently released their first film, “Holy MILF”, a queer, ecosexual ritual film. You can learn more about Pavini’s work at

Steven Schwartzberg

holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a practitioner of several healing arts, including psychotherapy, sacred intimacy, and body-oriented approaches to emotional well-being. He spent 15 years on the attending faculty of Harvard Medical School and has written several books, including A Crisis of Meaning: How Gay Men are Making Sense of AIDS.

Al Waddell
is an erotic educator, a Sacred Intimate, and a long-standing member of the BDSM community with a strong commitment to education. He believes that consensual BDSM can be fun, exciting, challenging, erotic, spiritual, and transformative. When not facilitating workshops or riding his motorcycle, Al spends his time making high-quality BDSM toys. See

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