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List of Questions and Answers
1. Can you describe the Couples Tantric Workshop?
A. The Tantric Couples Workshop will help you deepen your connection with your partner. Come celebrate your sexuality in a relaxed, day-long event in an intimate setting with a small group of couples. In this hands-on workshop you will learn to honor your partner as a sacred sexual being with ancient techniques based on the traditional Tantra Arts. Together we will practice synchronized breathing, a chakra connection meditation, and perform sensual body rubs with a focus on erotic stimulation to raise sexual energy. Please note, this workshop has a specific focus on couples participating only with each other. After the class, the playrooms will open for those couples who (optionally) wish to also exchange erotic energy with other couples.

Raine, our presenter, is passionate about open sexual communication and sees it as a path to healing. Living in the Raleigh, NC area, you will love her casual style and approach to learning about the erotic energy that lies within us all. She is also available for private instruction for couples and individuals.

Note: throughout this Q & A we refer to couples because 95% of people who attend our weekends come as couples. However, we also allow single women to attend the weekends. Single men are not allowed.

2. Should we be in the swinging lifestyle to attend your events?
A. Our Tantric events offers an intimacy experience as a tool to improve intimacy and sexual enjoyment within your partner relationship. Our Saturday lifestyle event includes a group play room for couples to enjoy erotic play with other couples. On Saturday, some couples attend with plans only to have sensual "non-erotic" touch with other couples. Other couples plan to have erotic touching with others.

3. Can you describe the Saturday Lifestyle "merrymaking" gathering?
A. This following is a "Sample List" of Activities (each Saturday event is somewhat different)
10 am Registration
Confidentiality Forms & Payments
Meet & Greet
Juices, coffee, breakfast pastry
Free time to mingle
11am - Introductions,
Discuss House Rules, How to say "No"
Warm Up Tantric exercise with partner
Break - find a couple for afternoon massage, finger food, juices, sandwiches
1:00 Raine' Tantric Erotic Massage Techniques Demo
1:30-3:30 Paired Erotic Massage Practice Time
Raine walking around instructing people and techniques demonstrated
3:30-6:30 Break, play in pools, play in hot tub, boating
6:30 Pre-Dinner Cocktails/wine/beer
7:00 Dinner Prep
Dining Room Set up,
Potluck prepared
Change into Lingerie
7:00 Lingerie Sit down Dinner
Dinner Clean up
9:30 Play Rooms Open

4. What should we bring to the Saturday events?
A. massage tables, Lingerie for dinner, comfortable wrap, warm robe for travel to/from swim spa, condoms/lube, $60 fee, assigned food/beverage for dinner, optional personal beverage, sox's to wear and blindfolds

We strongly encourage all participants to practice safe sex and use condoms. Please bring your own condoms. We usually have condoms available, but DO NOT DEPEND ON US TO HAVE CONDOMS AVAILABLE WHERE AND WHEN YOU NEED THEM. You need to plan ahead with supplies. You need to inform your "playmates" you require condoms. You need to not depend on anyone else to offer condoms or "model" the use of condoms, including US as leaders.

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