Self prostate Massage Therapy

Self prostate massage not only feels great, but it has healing purposes and benefits for your prostate as well.

In the picture above, the large bulb is the bladder and underneath is the prostate.

The prostate gland is the gateway to men's sensual health & pleasure.

And if you want an intense prostate release, then it is time to discover the world of sensual prostate massage.

Get to know the 10 amazing functions of the prostate, and you'll want to take care of your prostate like never before.

One of the most important functions of the prostate is that it filters toxins to protect the sperm and maximize its quality before impregnation.

The two "feel good" functions of the prostate are the pumping that occurs during ejaculation and that the prostate is the male G-spot. That spot adds a new dimension to your love life if you so choose.

If stimulated with arousal intent rather than a therapeutic prostate massage for blood flow and stagnant fluid movement (a prostate massage does not have to be sexxual - that's up to you), then this little known male G-spot showers its blessings with truly wonderful orgasms.

You have got to try it to believe the difference: more intensity and longer duration. What man wouldn't want those benefits? You get the massage and the super orgasm benefits combined.

Self prostate massage can stimulate the prostate and produce an exceptionally pleasurable sensual response if you combine masturbation with it or your lover's help. The result? Amazingly intense prostate orgasms that you can make last longer and that will knock your socks off (if you're still wearing them) when you finally release.

I don't want to downplay the real medical and healing benefits of self prostate massage, but what we're going to focus on here will be your guide to self prostate massage, otherwise known as self prostate milking.

If you have prostate problems, check with your doctor first to see if prostate massage is ideal or potentially harmful for your condition.

Scroll down to see exact details of how to do your own prostate massage.

How To Do a Self Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is a very intimate act when done with another person — especially if done internally. Prostate massage and anal stimulation is also a relatively taboo subject among heterosexual men.

To receive the most benefit from a prostate massage, deep relaxation and surrender must occur. This relaxes all the muscles around the perineum, including your butt muscles.

Here are some tips for self prostate massage...

  1. It's a really good idea to clean up first by doing a few things:

    - ensure you've recently had a bowel movement so your rectum is completely empty, and

    - have a hot shower to get clean

  2. Relax your pelvic muscles with a sitz bath and/or have a long hot shower or bath to relax.
  3. Make sure your fingernails are very smooth and short. You may want to use a quality latex glove or condom. If you'd rather use a prostate massager, that I recommend.
  4. Lie down on your back with a towel beneath you, supporting your head and back with pillows.
  5. Apply a thick lubricant - KY jelly or personal lubrication or a natural castor oil - liberally to your fingers, or prostate massage device, and anal area.
  6. Use the pad of your middle finger to press gently against the anus so it starts to relax.
  7. Move your finger gently in a tiny, circular motion.
  8. Take your time to relax. More time is good as it relaxes our usually very tight anal muscles. Enjoy the sensations. Take at least several minutes at this stage. There are many nerve endings here and once you get over your up-tightness both mentally about this area and your muscles relax more and more, this alone will be very pleasurable.
  9. As your anal muscles start to relax, press more firmly until your finger or massager starts to enter.
  10. It is all about finding the right angles. Your finger should be facing forward a bit, up towards your front, as you find the way in. Move it forward and back to find the easy entry point. Once you get the right angle, it will slide right in an inch or two if you have enough lube.
  11. At first, you may feel unused to the feeling, just because it's unusual. Take some slow deep breaths and let your body relax. It will adjust. Just relax and allow the feeling to unfold.

    - After a while, squeeze your sphincter muscles gently - this action will help move your finger or device in the last bit. Go slow while you get used to the sensation of having your prostate massaged in this way.

    - With your finger, press it gently upward (toward your navel) until you feel the prostate. (If using a, it will do so automatically as you squeeze). That's the beauty of using these specially designed devices.

    Keep up your kegel squeeze exercises or "stop pee" muscle contractions to maintain the massaging motion. Now move the finger forwards and back in a come hither fashion as if you were beckoning someone, always slowly and gently.

    Gentle is the key so as not to cause damage or injure the tissues of the prostate. Never, ever use vigorous motion. Combine this with the squeezes for added benefit.

  12. As you'll see in the of the prostate, the prostate erectile nerves that you'll be stimulating, are responsible for the swelling and hardening of the penis.
  13. Keep in mind that you can build up the amount of time that you massage your prostate for. At first, start with 5 minutes or less, then maybe 10 the next time, then 15. Slowly remove your finger or prostate device when you've reached the maximum.

If you have never done a self prostate massage, then I urge you to do so for its wonderful benefits and pleasure or try the . Today, it is no longer a taboo subject and it offers too many pluses to be dismissed.

The 2 Minute Prostate Massager at Sonic Speed!

To learn more self prostate massage techniques, please read the page on internal prostate massage. I go into more details of how to do both non-sensual and sensual prostate massage using a prostate massage device.

Amazing Aneros Prostate Massager for
Prostate Health and Pleasure

You can find out a whole lot more about this device. There are many models to choose from for different heights etc.

Also when on the site, go to their blog and wiki on the right side or at the bottom of the page. You will find lots of great tips and insights. For example read up on the Super-O (orgasm) for advanced techniques.

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Interested In Self Prostate Massage Therapy? Learn How To
Interested In Self Prostate Massage Therapy? Learn How To ...
Self Prostate Massage Therapy-Simple Tips To Learn How To
Self Prostate Massage Therapy-Simple Tips To Learn How To ...
Self Prostate Massage Therapy-Expert Teaches You How
Self Prostate Massage Therapy-Expert Teaches You How
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