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Internal prostate massage isn't something many men sit around talking about over beer. Let's face it! It's been a bit of a taboo topic!

With prostate cancer stats they way they are these days, you can't take the chance of not knowing how to take care of your own prostate.

Remember, a Western male is 30 to 50 times more likely of getting clinical prostate cancer than an Asian, Indian or African man. Worse if you are a Black American.

Plus, it's not an old man's disease any more. More and more men are dealing with prostate disease at ever younger ages.

Western men are facing prostate problems in epidemic proportions. Every year, approximately 6.5 million American men visit doctors for an enlarged prostate. In 2007, another 223, 000 were diagnosed with prostate cancer in the USA. In the same year, 29, 000 men died from prostate cancer.

Time to stop making this a taboo subject, guys! There's no shame in taking care of your health. Therapeutic prostate massage is a very beneficial skill to have and to do.

Your health will benefit from prostate massage, both internal and external. There are two basic ways to give yourself, or someone else, an internal prostate massage: with fingers or by using a specially designed and very safe internal prostate massager.

Internal massage of the prostate can be done in a completely non-sexual manner or can be combined purposefully to have a very enhanced sexual orgasm with the combined benefits of the massage and the sexual pleasure.

Prostate massage can be done alone by oneself or by a practitioner who specializes in the technique or by a partner. Again it can be non-sexual or sexual as desired and chosen.

Perhaps the most fun technique is the one done by your partner! It can also be an amazing sexual technique, not just a medical treatment, as it heightens arousal and intensifies the orgasm.

Internal prostate massage works because of the adjacent proximity of the prostate through the thin rectal wall. Doctors and urologists used to massage the prostate in an non-sexual way to remove stagnant fluids and increase blood flow as a routine part of the Digital Rectal Exam.

This is no longer standard practice and is considered alternative prostate massage therapy. However, conventional medicine still recognizes the benefits of therapeutic prostate massage.

Always check with your doctor to see if prostate massage is for you. If so, be gentle, slowly build up the times you spend doing this. Vigorous massage can be harmful.

You can use your finger or a special prostate massager for the same purpose specially designed to use your pubococcygeus or PC muscles to apply the right amount of gentle massaging pressure. I much prefer the prostate massager device. They are quite effective.

Internal Prostate Massage Is NOT Like the DRE!

Most men who have had a DRE, or Digital Rectal Exam, by a doctor or urologist have unfortunately experienced discomfort and often pain because of the very poor technique employed by most doctors.

If done properly and gently, the exam should be painless and quick. It is all a matter or proper technique, care and gentleness to give the anal muscles a chance to relax.

Let's face it — the first automatic response to the rectum being touched is to squeeze shut! If time is not given with very gentle pressure for it to relax, when the doctor inserts the finger it will hurt!

Too bad they are not properly trained. Always tell your doc to go slow so the muscle can relax before he pushes his finger in.

I am explaining this here so that you can get over any negative thoughts you have about doing an internal prostate massage. They can be highly beneficial to your prostate health and pleasure.

When you follow my instructions below, you will not experience any pain nor discomfort whether you use your finger, your lover's finger or the special internal prostate massager I describe next.

Added Benefits of a Prostate Massage Device

They are specially designed for the purpose of an internal prostate massage AND massage more of the prostate surface than you can reach with your finger. Designed to be the perfect size, the Aneros internal prostate massager prevents any injury by using your natural "stop pee" muscle, a simple Kegel exercise, to do the gentle massaging.

Here is how to massage your prostate internally with your finger:

  1. Make sure you have had a recent bowel movement so your rectum is completely empty.
  2. Have a hot shower or bath to get clean or even a sitz bath to relax your pelvic muscles.
  3. Make sure your fingernails are very smooth and short.
  4. Wear a good quality latex glove (available at all pharmacies).
  5. Lie down on your back or side with a towel beneath you.
  6. Apply lubricant-KY jelly or equivalent or a natural castor oil liberally to your fingers and anal area.
  7. Gently press the pad of your middle finger against the anus so it starts to relax.
  8. Move your finger gently in a tiny circular motion.
  9. After a while slowly increase the pressure always allowing the anal muscles to relax as you then push a bit firmer until your finger starts to enter.
  10. It is all about the right angles to find the easiest way in. Your finger should be facing forward some towards your front as you find the way in. Move it forward and back to find the easy entry point.
  11. Once you get the angle right, it will slide right in an inch or two if you have enough lube.
  12. Now just relax and breathe deeply while your body adjusts—these sound simple, but shouldn't be overlooked to get the most prostate massage benefits.
  13. You can then very gently massage your prostate through the wall of the rectum by moving your finger in a “come here” fashion. It is essential not to poke your prostate by moving in and out. You want to gently massage the prostate by moving your finger tip in the "come here" motion, ever so gently.
  14. Being very gentle is essential, especially if you have a prostate condition because too much pressure can be too much for the prostate and can injure its very delicate internal structure of membranes. So always be gentle, never vigorous. The idea is to give a gentle massage so that the blood flow increases and stagnant fluids are moved.
  15. Eventually, you may start to see some fluid escaping your flaccid penis (a few drops or more). It does not matter if any fluid comes out, the massage is still very beneficial as it moves the blood inside the gland. Often after the massage you will excrete some fluid.

    In some men with a very healthy prostate it is quite possible to expel quite a bit of prostatic fluid without an erection or orgasm. This is very healthy. This is called prostate milking.

Easiest Prostate Massager Uses Sonic Waves in Under 2 Minutes!

I have to tell you about this brand new device made by a doctor to treat his own prostate condition.

It is called the Sonic Prostate Massager and is easy to use because it is much smaller so it goes in no hassle. And it uses sonic waves that limits the massage to well under 2 minutes. (Don't exceed the recommended time as it really does do the job).

It increases circulation so that toxins are removed and the extra blood flow allows flushing and hence healing.

Designed just for the purpose of non sexual prostate internal massage this is the state of the art device.

Sexual Internal Prostate Massage

If you are doing internal prostate massage for sexual pleasure, keep all of the above tips in mind for maximum enjoyment.

What you'll discover is a great deal of surrender is necessary. It's an extremely intimate act and requires much trust and deep relaxation.

All of the muscles in the area eventually loosen their grip, including places you didn't even know you were holding stress and tension such as the deep gluteal muscles. Often we only realize that these are tight and painful when a masseuse digs in to our butt cheeks.

Prostate Massage, Prostate Milking How To In 30 Minutes Video
Prostate Massage, Prostate Milking How To In 30 Minutes Video
Interested In Self Prostate Massage Therapy? Learn How To
Interested In Self Prostate Massage Therapy? Learn How To ...
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