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viviennemasters-sensualmassageartistThe Next Level in a Personal Massage Experience

My name is Vivienne Masters. Originally from NYC, I now call Miami home. My lovely long locks, natural feminine curves, and seductive eyes complete My vintage look of The Neo-Retro Woman. I have a dual nature. I can be the sweet Ms Masters or the Naughty Mistress Vivienne. Whom would you like to meet? …

A professionally trained Practitioner of Bondassage, I am also trained in Thai Massage, Stretching & Restorative Yoga, and I incorporate all of these practices into my sessions. My practice is constantly changing and evolving as I continue My exploration of Erotic Spirituality and Divine Connection. I am playful, creative and demanding. I’ve been using My innate gifts for as long as I can remember. A naturally sexy passionate woman who lives in the moment, I enjoy pushing boundaries and visiting the unknown …

My Specialty is in Sensual Massage with light Erotic Bondage (Bondassage) and I offer other Signature sessions all done in the Nude:

The Sacred Massage

Is my best kept secret. Few have tried it and the ones who have love this type of massage. Done in the nude!

Tie & Tease

Is a gentle erotically tied session with just a little kink for those who want to go beyond the usual. Also done in the nude!!


Is a state-of-the-art sequence combining ASMR, Sensual Massage, Erotic Bondage, and Sensation Play. Enter a magical portal where you surrender to blissful sensory exploration and elevation. Experience touch like never before, luxuriously restrained and gently bound to My table. Don’t worry about whether I meant for that to happen … of course I did. I’m refining and redefining your concept of pleasure.

I do what I please to you. Your sole responsibility is to receive. In My sessions I find it amusing and arousing to utilize all sorts of unimaginable things to awaken your senses and keep you at the height of bliss. Submit to My touch, and other delicious tools of sensory play, in an atmosphere both acutely intense yet profoundly intimate.

Imagine this: ‘Comfortably bound and blindfolded, the sounds of her heels creates anticipation of whats to come. Headphones are placed over my ears and I drop deep into sounds of sensual rhythmic bliss. I lie there feeling safe. My Mistress has taken total control over my body … She walks around the table teasing and brushing against me using an exciting array of devices. One more pleasurable than the other.’

Bondassage sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes or longer. Bondassage is a Massage-based session exploring a spectrum of Sensation.

Due to high demand it is most important to *BOOK IN ADVANCE*

VOYEUR Bondassage

For the Lover who wants to watch. Witness the erotic mysteries and euphoric secrets of Bondassage being demonstrated. Part massage/part performance. Quite a show! Clothing and erotic bondage are optional for the observer.

Care to join? Upgrade to

UNION Bondassage

Both guests experience Bondassage one at a time with Me. Deepen your intimacy together … In this ritual union, a nice bottle of champagne or wine is included.

BOND Body to Body

This session will definitely heat things up! Bondage tape is used to securely keep you on the mat while I sensually glide and rub my strong toned body against yours dripping in hot oil. Shower available. Bath soak +50

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