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Clinical Massage Therapist

Are you interested in helping people find relief from injury, soreness and chronic pain? If so, you may want to explore a career as a clinical massage therapist. Read on to find out more about how practitioners of clinical massage, also known as medical massage, treat muscle injuries and soft tissue pain. Schools offering .

Clinical Massage Therapist Defined

Massage is often associated with stress reduction and relaxation. When you work as a clinical massage therapist, however, you perform therapeutic massage using physical touch and pressure to heal injuries.

Important Facts About Clinical Massage Therapists

Median Salary (2014) $37, 180 per year
Key Skills Physical strength and endurance, manual dexterity, time management, good judgment and decision making, excellent communication,
Work Environment Personal care services; offices of other health practitioners; traveler accommodations; hospitals; other amusement and recreation industries
Similar Occupations Athletic trainers; exercise physiologists; physical therapy assistants and aides; physical therapists

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Duties

Your job duties as a clinical massage therapist include talking to clients to determine their symptoms, expectations and medical histories. You'll evaluate your clients to find problem areas before performing massage. You'll also provide tips on improving posture, strength, flexibility and relaxation.


Clinical massage therapy consists of a variety of modalities that allow practitioners to apply fixed or moving manipulation to the soft body tissues. You will usually be trained in several such techniques. Examples of clinical massage modalities include deep tissue massage and sports massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

One common technique you might use as a clinical massage therapist is deep tissue massage, which can relieve chronic patterns of muscular tension. As a practitioner of this technique, you use various parts of the hands and arms, such as the fingers, fist and forearm, to apply greater pressure to the muscles than is found in other modalities. You must use care when using this technique to avoid injuring your patients or yourself.

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