Self Acupressure for Weight

Does Acupuncture help you lose weight

When it is about to choose the perfect option for weight loss, the first thing you have to do is to verify the reviews of the concerned product and have an idea on the success rate. A lot of doctors advise to adopt a specific lifestyle like planning for a regular workout and going for a healthy diet to help people maintaining the weight desired for a longer time. However, it is not the case for everyone, some people find it very hard to go regularly for workout. Besides the problem of stress that some people have, might have a negative impact on their weight. The popular method that has an increase in its demand is acupuncture. For extra safety and precaution we recommend you to check .

Before we jump to acupuncture for weight loss reviews, it’s important to understand briefly what acupuncture is and its great role in losing weight.

What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is an ancient treatment of the Chinese herbal medicine that includes the use of the needles. The acupuncturists insert the needles into specific points of the skin to target fat areas. The body is composed of a number of energy paths called meridians. If some imbalance hits the body, the chances of the person gets some gain get higher. When the needles target the meridians that have the imbalances, the metabolism rate increases and the stress gets reduced. It helps as well in the process of digestion by controlling the food desire and it reduces the addiction of unhealthy food.

What should you know?
According to the doctors of the Chinese medicine, there are many reasons which are responsible of gaining weight. The main reason is the imbalances that occur in the body, mostly in spleen and liver area. These organs have an effective role in the process of digestion and converting the food to energy that is used later by the body. Fatigue and slow metabolism rate might be the main signs of imbalance, they are the reason the weight starts changing. Liver imbalancecan be another reason and it results in the increase of the compulsive eating habits and the craving problems. However, is recommended if an appropriate diet and regular exercises are followed with it.

acupuncture reviewsFeatures
Acupuncture is a new treatment of losing weight compared to others. It might be the effective way to do it. Doctors believe that the acupuncture treatment can be helped by a healthy diet to give the best results and to boost up the calories burned and energy. The time the needles are inserted in their right place, the patient feels instantly a calming and relaxing effect. And that what makes controling the weight gain problem so easy. Endorphin (a hormone that controls the emotions) is released after the therapy to give a positive effect on losing weight.


  • The has used acupuncture for centuries.
  • Abdominal fats are reduced by the treatment
  • The obesuty related hormones are influenced by the electro-acupuncture treatment
  • The treatment suppresses the appetite and speeds up the metabolis


  • Exercise and diet are recommended along with
  • The treatment is quite expensive in fact that it needs several sessions to take effect


The research that proved the effectiveness of acupuncture identified that only the association of the therapy with a healthy diet will give better results. The benefits of this treatment are stated in the reduction of many problems such as joint pain, headaches and insomnia after following it. And it has been indentified that this therapy start showing effect if it’s followed for more than 10 sessions.

Treatment and Points

At first, you will have to follow certain herbal prescription given by your doctor for a week or so. And then, the docrtor will start the treatment normally, and in the 4th session he will increase the electrical stimulation. The doctor will revise the prescription already given at the beginning of the therapy and if necessary the doctor will make changes.

After 2 to 4 sessions, you will start noticing that while eating, you will feel fuller in no time compared to earlier before you start the treatment. After the 10th session, you will get a week break from the therapy and you will be informed to concentrate more on your diet.
Compared to other methods like surgery or else, acupuncture will not give quick results, your body will take its time to adapt to the new changes and accept the treatment.

The interpretation made of various identified that it is a great treatment to lose weight but it should be opted at last stages. This kind of treatment does not have any risk. But If you don’t complement the treatment with a healthy diet, you risk not achieving your desired weight. So far the evidence has found that opting for the therapy will not cause any health issue, and it might be the most effective way to lose weight.

We hope this article “” has helped you to see better, we will keep you informed of any new scientific research to keep you informed of everything about acupuncture for weight loss.

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