Massage therapist salary state

Licensed Massage Therapist salary

What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Licensed Massage Therapist in Petaluma:

"Student loan."

I am not making enough to cover my cost of living and my student loan payments. I also can not work anymore hours because giving great requires giving of yourself and you can only give so much without depleting yourself.

Licensed Massage Therapist in Chandler:

"My Life as a Massage Therapist."

It has been up and down for 6 years. I must say I have never landed in such a good position as this. It has been worth every push! Make sure to take care of your body! Your wrists will become weak if you don't take proper care. Make sure you pay mind to your body mechanics and keep your wrists straight, and your core tight. Good luck therapists!

Licensed Massage Therapist in Honolulu:

"Advocation Job/Part-time."

Know Ethics, Morals and Health care issues for Holistic practice. Excel by knowing many techniques; ie: Reiki, Shiatsu, Aroma Therapy, Muscle Testing, Acupressure to improve physical and mental pain and tension. I highly suggest to new Licensed Massage Therapist to consider this career as an ADVOCATION. The pay is very low (unfortunately). Although this career does have a benefit of being able to travel anywhere in the world. First class hotels, spas and resorts as well as private clubs and private health spas (any where you want to go) are always in need of a superior massage therapist. Long hours sometimes, waiting for appointments, cancellations are possible. At those times (if self-employed) in your receipt/disclaimer for health and legal reasons, consider the clause; non-refundable deposit. This will help off-set loss of income and non productive hours. Personally, I only worked from referrals or personal contact. No classified ads. Your INTUITIVE will always be right.

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