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Contrary to popular belief, Yelp is far from the only website holding the service industry to higher standards. There's also RubMaps, a database where users compile meticulous feedback on massage parlors that offer "happy endings, " or manual relief at the end of a massage. All that's required for membership is $14.95 a month, plus a willingness to expose oneself to possible credit card fraud.

These “mongers, ” as they refer to themselves, are not messing around when it comes to dropping Benjamins on erotic spa treatments. They can be very critical of a “provider” when it comes to looks, attitude, technique, or even English fluency. Sites like RubMaps, SpaHunters, and EroticMP are the closest thing we have to objective online sex worker reviews (at least, for now).

But what happens when you compare their critiques to the ones found on Yelp? That’s when things get interesting. It seems that more than anything, satisfaction depends on what the customer expects coming in—and, of course, what they expect coming out.

RubMaps review: Three stars. I thought Sasha was beautiful and I would have given this a higher rating if she wasn't so unenthusiastic. Her massage was okay, with some pressure [Certified Massage Therapist] style, but the [full body sensual massage] skills were lacking. There was some half-ass teasing of the boys and it felt too forced for me...She started stroking me while I felt up her still-tight body. She kept in shape and I loved touching her parts. She made me release pretty quickly because of the fast paced robotic stroke. Good experience, but I hope I get a more enthusiastic provider next time.

Yelp review: One star.

This is my first personal review ever. I'm feel compelled to write this after a sadly disappointing facial. I'm new to the city and wanted to find a spot near my place. Even though there was too few reviews I decided to go regardless. I went for the $69.99 facial special I saw on their site. I was asked for the print out of this? It's their website but I had to show it anyway thru my phone. Before, I even sat she said oily skin, eh. Um no very dry actually, it's the sunscreen I put for the walk over and that was the last words I heard from her...She was in the room with me for maybe 15 minutes total the rest of the times she was out while my face was steamed and mask settled in. $70!! I feel robbed.

RubMaps review: Five stars

I brought my own condom and she began blow very slow to begin with. I think it’s a shared feeling that no one cares much for a condom infused blow job, but still, I asked her if she could use her tongue more. I’m not big guy, that much I’ll admit but I did want her to go deeper. Still, just that feeling of getting head, seeing your penis disappear into her mouth. For me at least, just seeing that strand of saliva, I can’t get enough of it. Omg!!! Can't believe this place hasn't be shut down! The place smells awful just at the entrance. The woman at the front desk was nasty the second we walked in. She got suspicious when she noticed that we suspected this place to be a rub and tug. She yelled at us to get out. when I mentioned to my bf that I needed to use the bathroom she interjected and yelled at me "this isn't a public bathroom" oh really? She then continued yelling "get out! I will call the police" we laughed and left saying she's more likely to get herself into trouble. Basically, this place should be shut down!!

RubMaps review: Four stars.

Place is immaculate. High end spa facility. They have ATM on site also. First time to this place. Got assigned to Angela and waited in the room for approximately 10 minutes. She came in and greeted me and introduced herself. She was very upbeat and friendly. Started with usual massage, just ok. I had showered before I came and she complimented on my bodywash smell. She rubbed my back and walked on my back. During the flip, she gave me light touch with her fingers and I ask her if she could give me a [handjob]. At first, she hesisted until I offered her $50 up front and then she just started stroking my dick with oil.

Yelp review: Five stars

Last time I went here my friend tried to be sweet but didn't get to be sweet. These people are racists. Be careful. I highly recommend this place.

RubMap review: Five stars.

This place has older women who are ridiculously hot. First went upstairs and got changed. Had a nice table shower which was pretty good. She was very playful during the [table shower]. The massage to follow was almost perfect. Got every single spot on my body that needed some relaxation. She is very talkative and chatty, but very pleasant and has nice breath unlike some Chinese ladies who have massaged me at other places in the past. She asked if I read about her on the Internet. I said NO! I told her my friend Bob sent me. She smiled and gave me a great [happy ending]. I will be back and check out who else is on the menu. This place is not worth paying a penny. I went with my boyfriend for his birthday but ended up in another spa because this place didn't feel like a spa to us. The scrub bath was ok but when they started making the massage the two massagers wouldn't stop talking to each other. Hello I thought a massage was supposed to mean peaceful and quiet not Chinese words in my ears. Then after 40 min they said ok finish. Oh and the worse part is that I have psoriasis. She wouldn't touch it. So only got a back massage. Worst place ever.

RubMaps review: Three stars

First time going here and I picked Laura for the time being. For what it was, Laura knows exactly how to treat you well. The massage was good, but the best thing is her personality . Looks are just as good so I'd say it was a bomb visit. After 20 min of massage, I kept grabbing the inside off her ass, she was wearing this cute skirt and she would just laugh every time I played around with it. When she turned me around, I knew [full service] would begin soon...Finished by coming all over her tits and one long kiss. A definite revisit here is worth it. [Note: Another user has commented: “this is absolutely fake. there is no Laura.”] Dirty, dirty, gross place- a bad business and scary place, it is not a proper “massage” place and if that is what your looking for look out. Had 3 beezies working at the time. Mimi, Candy and Ruby. mamasan said there were Japanese babes working but they all looked Korean to me. Candy was good but not super attractive. She is cute enough to get a tug though. Her massage skills were a bit lacking in the [Certified Massage Therapist] department but I enjoyed her sensual touch throughout my body. She knew how to tease and teased me to no end...Release was big and dripped down her hands. Hot towel clean up and hug. Tried to go there at lunch time but was turned away - couldn't quite make out what they were trying to say but something about they don't take women customers. I question the legitimacy of the business as the decor and front door has NYPD posters and stickers all over (rather than the business name) and the massage rooms were lit in pink! Don't waste your time.
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