Mimi Rogers Full body Massage

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stupendous breasts make it worth watching

Author: risingsap from England

I can't really remember much of what this film was supposed to be about, some sort of philosophical ramblings delivered whilst a bloke massages a woman. Who cares? The fact is, you get to see a lot of the glorious Mimi Rogers and her awesome breasts and magnificent buttocks. If that makes me sound like a sad pervert, so be it. To be honest the rest of the film sent me to sleep. How is it that I have to drag myself to work very day and Bryan Brown gets to oil Mimi Rogers up for a living? Okay, so he has some acting talent - not a lot mind you - and I have none, but it's still not fair. In my opinion his finest hour was not his version of Hamlet at the Old Vic but keeping his pants under control during this shoot. I certainly take my hat off to him for that.

The film is really just Bryan Brown giving Mimi Rogers a massage while they talk of various things, mostly philosophical, and interspersed with flashbacks of their respective lives. You could say that it's slow, and I suppose that it is, but I found this movie to be refreshingly different. No car chases, no guns, no drugs, no smart-assed hero. Mimi Rogers spends a fair amount of time naked and this is, of course, very, very, very, very aesthetically pleasing. I have to wonder about Imdb's rating system when the "weighted average" is 5.6 and the real average is 7.6. At least they do publish the mean and median scores.

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One of the Most Erotic Films of All Time !!!


This is definitely a very sexy movie. I could have watched it without stopping even if it had gone on for five hours. The plot is not really complicated as most of the movie revolves around Bryan Brown giving Mimi Rogers massages while entertaining (or possibly boring) her with anecdotes from his life. However, it is a must for anyone who thinks Rogers is a hottie. She never displayed herself like this before and probably never will again. The only thing the keeps this movie from being THE most erotic film I've ever seen is that it doesn't have any full frontal shots of Rogers, although she does spend the majority of movie nude or topless.

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Low quality drama, but keeps you occupied with nudity.

Author: Big Guy-3 from New York City

This movies plot is not a high point of the film. It is not as high drama as you would normally see. But, the continued showing of lead star Mimi Rogers totally nude body shall keep you watching. The movie constantly returns the Mimi's breasts, showing them for no real apparent reason than sexual appeal. For young men who like breasts, this is the movie to see. Low quality drama; high quality nudity and sexual appeal. Nice directing and camera angles.

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How to have body contact and remain distant

Author: rlcsljo from Hollywood, ca

What thoughts would go through two strangers minds after initially bypassing the social preliminaries and going to intimate contact and then getting to know each other better? The intimation is that maybe they would like to take the relation further, but professional ethics require them to escape to the past, so as to almost avoid the present. The sexual tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

Roeg does his usually excellent job of mixing the erotic with the everyday and making it seem completely natural.

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Another angle on Full Body Massage

Author: Rave-Reviewer from United Kingdom

A gallery owner is surprised when her home masseur sends a replacement, from whom she receives intellectual and spiritual, rather than sensual, treatment. Essentially a long conversation about art, life and relationships, broken up with the director's customarily intriguing montage, and in which the star bravely exposes herself physically as well as emotionally. Compelling viewing.

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good holistic health experience for serious seekers

Author: actualize7-2 from San Diego, Calif. USA

Contrary to most of the other lay reviewers, I am a serious student of holistic health practices, esp. eastern traditions- and I was not looking for much gratuitious sex...although the nudity was o.k. I thought Brian Brown did a good job (and apparently he has had some training in massage) -I thought the acting was good, and I liked the way that the "dilemma" of sexuality vs. health treatment was handled.

Mimi Rogers, always a treat for the eyes, was believable as a conflic- ted yuppie with good taste, inquiring mind, and hungry libido. I have recommended this film to others who are massage/holistic health buffs. It would not appeal to many people who are just looking for spicy sex, however.

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A Curious Blend

Author: dnjjr from NYC

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

N.B.: Spoilers within. Nicholas Roeg's "Full Body Massage" belongs in the Talk Flick category, but with a twist. (I'll get to that.) Nina (Mimi Rogers) is visited by a substitute masseur, Fitch (Bryan Brown), and during their session they gab on endlessly. The movie centers on one long conversation – about art, spirituality, relationships, destiny, ancient healing methods, and other assorted riddles of life – which might as well take place between two people on a road trip, or sipping their lattes. But.

The two main characters are a study in opposites. Nina, a product of very humble origins, has worked her way up to become a highly successful art gallery owner. Fitch, on the other hand, was born into affluence but has spent his whole adult life fleeing from it. Nina tends to gravitate toward the more personal during the massage. Early on she claims not to over-intellectualize, but rely on intuition. Fitch remains aloof in comparison. Yes, he is full of innumerable "truths, " but keeps the truth about his own self effectively hidden. We rarely get a straightforward answer out of him. He spouts on and on about Hopi tribal medicine, which is fine, but in this film the character of Fitch is sorely lacking a sense of humor. I kept wanting him to lighten up already.

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