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The history of Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy can be traced back to ancient Greece in the era of Hippocrates. Considered one of the oldest methods to cure various physical ailments, physiotherapy has evolved from simple massage to a complex assortment of therapies - now, it has multiple and specialized applications. Making a career in Physiotherapy is a wise decision as the scope it covers is widening up and expected to offer numerous job options.

Considered as an allied health professional service, physiotherapy has a vast range of career options to choose. People can either work in India or go abroad and flourish their career in physiotherapy. Whereas a course in India costs just a faction of the USA or UK, earning potential is immense for the professional. A well-rounded graduate in physiotherapy with be the relevant and reputable qualifications from top notch institute however has better chances for jobs in comparison with others.


Before opting out a career in Physiotherapy the candidate should go for a physiotherapy degree program and has to meet specific requirements. If the candidate is studying life sciences like biology, anatomy, etc., he has fair chances of getting into Physiotherapy course. A background in psychology and social science helps candidates in doing a course in physiotherapy as the subjects are taught during the course in detail.

Additionally, doing masters in physiotherapy enhances career as a professional physiotherapist. Those who go for doctoral degree always have advantage of knowing more about the subject and various facets of physiotherapy which ultimately help them in getting a job. For doctorate in Physiotherapy, the person must have masters in it.

Start Early

Physiotherapy is like any game or sports. Early starters have advantages than late starters, so if you wish to work as a physiotherapist start at early age. Building a shaped and flexible body puts you at advantage point. Start knowing about the human anatomy and the way the bones, muscles and nerves move - it will make you understand the subject at later phase. Later on you can specialize in any areas including of pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, sports physical therapy, neurology, clinical electrophysiology and cardiopulmonary therapy, etc.

Is it the Right Career for Me?

As any career counselor would suggest, go for a career which suits and matches to your flair and the same is true in physiotherapy too. Candidates looking for making a career in physiotherapy should do various research and analysis before opting out for a course in physiotherapy. Moreover, it is equally essential that it is what you want to do in your life. From the perspective of earning, physiotherapy is not a bad option; therefore one does not need to worry about it.

Job is quite challenging for a physiotherapist but is profitable too. Moreover, they are qualified to perform physical examination and conduct assessments to detect a diagnosis process. In order to treat dysfunction and monitoring of treatment they select appropriate physical therapy interventions. A successful Physiotherapist uses various therapeutic intervention techniques to treat a patient in the best possible manner.

What would it Cost Me

There are two levels of qualifications in physiotherapy, 1) Bachelor of physiotherapy and 2), Masters in Physiotherapy. While bachelor in physical therapy has duration of 4 and 1 /2 year (including Internship), the masters in physiotherapy has the duration of two years. A person after doing +2 with biology is eligible for bachelors’ degree. For masters, a bachelor degree in physiotherapy is must.

Generally, the courses commence from the 1st April, every year. Doing a bachelors’ degree in physiotherapy from a top notch institute costs anywhere between 2 to 5 L in Indian currency; however, the cost can be reduced if done from Centralized Universities. Depending upon the ranking of college or institute the fee may differ. Doing masters degree or specialization in one discipline can further the cost.


Fee is no more an issue as various banks offer attractive education loans to students who get through in top notch physiotherapy colleges in India. Moreover, various scholarships are offered by the concerned institutes on the merit basis. Those who wish to do research in Physiotherapy can opt for Junior Research Fellowship and further up their research work with the assistance of University Grants Commission.

Some diploma courses in physiotherapy can be done which are offered to volunteered students from various leading hospital or medical centers. In such a course the entire fee is paid by the institute or organization.

Job Prospects

Due to mechanization and sedentary lifestyles, people face common muscular skeletal problems which include issues such as backache, stiff shoulders and neck, osteoarthritis knee, etc. In curing out the disorders, the physiotherapists work wonderfully the mainstream doctors. Physiotherapy can be considered a health profession which is concerned with maximization of mobility and quality of life by implementing clinical reasoning.

Physical therapists have ample job prospects in Hospitals, Nursing homes, Residential homes, Rehabilitation centers, Private offices such as Private practices or Private clinics, etc. Additionally, a person with qualification in physiotherapy can work at Out-patient clinics, Community health care centers or Primary health care centers, Fitness centers or Health clubs, Occupational health centers, Special schools and Senior citizen centers, etc.

Notwithstanding, job prospects for physiotherapists are bright in various sports centers, teaching, working in foreign countries with companies, N.G.Os, etc.

Pay Packet

Student who have qualification in physiotherapy are also required to have soft skills such as communications, critical thinking skills and teamwork, etc. to get a job. After completing graduation in physiotherapy a person can earn any salary 5000 to 10, 000 in Indian currency. However, the pay package differs from the company to company and the college one has done his course from. While the salary package is low at the beginning, after due course and experience it jumps up extraordinarily.

Demand and Supply

India’s job market face the dearth of physiotherapist and it can be attributed to the fact that there is not much awareness about the scope and prospects of the profession. Moreover, lack of infrastructural set up to offer quality education in physiotherapy proves a major handicap. Once awareness about the occupation is spread in mainstream, it would be more in demand than now.

Market Watch

As various health centers, fitness centers, wellness centers, spas, etc. are coming up in big way, the prospects of career in physiotherapy seem positive. Students after completing their course in physiotherapy receive offer letters from top notch brands including of Mammoth Resorts USA, Taj Blue Diamond, Sun & Sands, Ambassador Ajanta, Magarpata club & Resorts and many others. Major recruiters are hospitals which try to offer alternative medical service and physiotherapy is one of the most suitable and successful alternative method to cure various ailments.

International Focus

Candidates with excellent research skills can opt for research and development works in various pharmaceutical companies and institutional laboratories located in the USA, UK, Canada and European countries. Aspirants willing to opt for teaching have option of teaching at various universities abroad. Then there are schools for mentally retarded and physically disabled children, defense medical establishments and rehabilitation centers for the handicapped which offer attractive venues for Indian students with qualification in Physiotherapy.

Career in Physiotherapy [Start Studing at IAMR Ghaziabad].mp4
Career in Physiotherapy [Start Studing at IAMR Ghaziabad].mp4
Geo TV "CAREER ONLINE" Physiotherapy in Pakistan-2006
Geo TV "CAREER ONLINE" Physiotherapy in Pakistan-2006
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