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An excellent article by Dr. Sandy Rennie, originally published on CPA's shoPTalk Blog (

Have you ever tried to find research evidence to back up the use of electrophysical agents (EPAs) in your practice? If so, you’ll know that it may be difficult because many of the articles describing the effectiveness of EPAs are not found in physiotherapy journals. Why is that? Because often times the lead author or authors for EPAs are not physiotherapists. They are scientists who would rather publish their findings in journals within their area of scientific research. So it makes sense that an article on the effectiveness of therapeutic ultrasound on tennis elbow may more likely be found in a journal such as Ultrasonics or Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology or Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation than in Physiotherapy Canada.

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At Medelco we understand the importance of providing clinics with the rehabilitation products that will give their clients the best treatment possible.

Massage therapy is an important aspect to some patients’ successful rehabilitation. As a result, many rehabilitation clinics such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, or massage therapy are purchasing massage therapy tools to help give their patients effective massage therapy treatment and help them on the road to recovery.

When effective massage therapy is applied, you can help alleviate muscles pains and strains, heal current injuries, prevent future injuries, and much more for your patients.

At Medelco, we carry several different industry-leading products to help rehabilitation clinics provide their patients with great massage therapy treatment. Here’s some important information to have on some of the massage therapy products we carry:

1. Omniplinth Electric Massage Therapy Tables:

The Omniplinth electric massage therapy treatment table allows clinics to apply treatment to their patients in a comfortable manner. We carry two different versions of this table both of which are extremely durable, functional, and comfortable for you and patients. With the Omniplinth electric massage therapy table you will have the platform needed to provide your clients with successful massage therapy treatments.

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